Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pretty Roses...

Good morning!

I am so proud to say that these beautiful roses came out my very own garden! 

I have one little rose bush behind a rock in my back garden and once in a blue moon do I get a rose but yesterday afternoon I saw this beautiful deep pink petal sticking up from behind that rock and lo and behold there were these two beautiful flowers just calling....pick me...pick me! 

So, I picked them!  Aren't that just oh so  pretty....

Bye for now,
Mandi xx


  1. They are so lovely. Isn't it great finding things in the garden not noticable earlier?

    Lisa x

  2. Hi, just came from sandys blog and now following you! what gorgeous roses!!
    hope you are having a lovely weekend!
    laura xx

  3. Hi girls!

    Lisa...I know...our garden is huge and looking so good at the moment, and finding these 2 beautiful roses was so awesome!

    Laura..thanks for following...hope you enjoy!

    Lots of love,

  4. Ooh...your roses are so very pretty:):)